Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I go to Guinea tomorrow!!

But before I do, here is a short list of things I straight-up forgot about cause I hadn’t seen them in more than two years:

• Handicapped bathrooms
• Microwaves
• To-go cups: available in any bar in South Louisiana
• How many white people there are in America
• How to write a check. (I had to ask Mom.)
• Everyone locking their doors all the time!
• Broken bones: does everyone in America break their foot for fun? (I only say this cause I’ve done it 3 times…) I’m seeing those walking casts everywhere! Do Cameroonians break as many bones as we do and just keep on walking or do we have particularly snap-happy bones?
• Saying “bless you” when some one sneezes. No one ever did that in my corner of Cameroon! I was walking in the streets of DC and someone said it to me from across the street!! That’s love.
• Seat belts: No car I rode in in Cameroon had them. Mom had to keep reminding me for about two weeks to buckle up.
• High school options: I went back to my old high school for the ten year reunion. Our mascot was the Mighty Lions. Painted on a huge wall of the school was a lion with a mask and gavel, a lion with a paintbrush, a lion with a football helmet, a lion with swim goggles, a lion with a clarinet. There was probably a lion with a French beret and some cheese, but I missed him. My kinda lion. The point is that I was overwhelmed by all those options. When I taught business classes at my local high school in Cameroon, one of the best schools in the region, we had no electricity. Three thousand students got to choose from about three clubs.

“What on earth is this?” category:
• iPhones
Technology takes over America. I watch in awe. If I want to let on to just how clueless I am, I ask questions. I will learn when I return!

It’s been a fabulous time at home and I’m really grateful to all the people who made efforts to see me, put up with me, hosted me, and fed me! Thank you, I will miss you… but remember, not for long this time!


Kristen said...

sorry we missed you while you were in the states! good luck with your newest adventure!

hb said...

Not for long indeed: you'll be back in the States around the time M&F are back in DC. Bon chance au Guinea!

semprelibri said...
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mike rosenberg said...

Hi Kate! So sorry to post a totally unrelated comment. Just had a question for you after seeing your blog and wanted to write you!
I'm graduating this year from university and will (hopefully) be invited for Peace Corps. I'm also thinking about dreading my hair within the next few weeks. I assume you had locks at one point and I saw you were in Peace Corps. Any thoughts on how PC views dreads?

Kate Fleurange said...

Hey Mike, I always meant to get them, and then my post was so hot I didn't! PC is ok with your dreadlocks, the real concern is the community where you are posted. Some places have really strong opinions, I've heard of local communities that will assume you are a drug dealer, bandit, etc.. because they have preconceived ideas about certain hairsytles--all depends on where you are posted! You could play that by ear, but it's true that it could potentially interfere with your ability to be respected or taken seriously in your future town, which would be a bummer!

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