Sunday, February 14, 2010


Look at me, I'm getting hi-tech!

Here is the Extreme North of Cameroon's answer to a shopping mall. I'm in Maroua, and today happens to be a market day so I took this video on the way in. You can see piles of oranges at the end of the video.

Feeling inspired, I whipped out the camera again on our main form of transportation (as you might recall from the last post...) the moto! No collisions today, but a bit more of Maroua. You can see the riverbed below the green bridge is almost completely dried out. On the right, you can see a gas station (Oil Libya) but also the more standard places people by gas--out of plastic bottles from a table on the side of the road. Also is a row of boubous (man dress!) for sale at the end of the video.

Woops, don't think that worked... will try next time!

If you're not bored yet, here is an area outside another of Maroua's main markets. I like the guy carrying a table on his head on the moto, on the wrong side of the road, at the beginning of the video. Also interesting, the huge stacks of mattresses on the left, near the end of the video. You get a good view of some of the traditional clothing.

And lastly, I thought this one was interesting. My friend Fleur filmed these traditional musicians at a recent festival in Makala. Hope you enjoy!

PS--It's February 14th. When I checked the temperature at 5pm, it was 100 degrees. Happy Valentines Day!

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