Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pics from training

Pictures! For your viewing enjoyment:

My homestay pad in Bangangté.
A post-game pic from our local soccer league, ages 4 – 27.

My little cousins who stayed with us, Ingrid and Sereu. They’re from the Anglophone provinces where they speak a pidgin-y English I can hardly understand.

Ingrid always greeted me with big smiles, hugs around my knees, and “Aunty Katy, Good morning!”

Looking like a biker pro as we tool around Bangangté.

Biking in Bangangté

This wonder of Cameroonian fashion just had to make the blog: Allen, our GQ centerfold here, is sporting the tye-dye boubou and knickerbockers combination.

So, If you’d like to come visit me, here’s a little photo documentary of the travels north. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the bus that is coming tout de suite

Train ride!

More to come...! :)

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