Sunday, December 16, 2007


Saturday, December 15

I had my camera out today to take a picture of the most recent victim of my peanut butter habit. (Yes, I eat a LOT of peanut butter here!) Just in case you missed it, or hadn’t realized you were in the PEANUT BUTTER AISLE of the grocery store, this vendor put a picture of the peanut butter container on the label of that same peanut butter container. A little trippy. Like I said, I love Haitian art.

AND, it turns out I have an artist next door! When my little neighbors Katilyn and Lovelyn bounced over today, Katilyn picked up my camera. I thought she did some great work for her first time ever with a camera!! Here ya go for some photo documentary of me in Haiti.

But first, The peanut butter!

Lovelyn = Cutest Haitian kid EVER! She’s got the most amazing smile. Even when she bonks my computer, takes my keys etc, I just can’t seem to get mad at her.

Lovelyn workin it on my computer.

Trying to check my e-mail with a Lovelyn on my lap…

Katilyn and Lovelyn. And yep, that’s my exercise ball.

Me pointing to my eyes to tell Katilyn that the “eye” of the camera has to look at me for it to take a photo. While mastering this concept, she took a lot of pictures of ceiling, floor, my ugly feet…

More computer 101

Me telling Katilyn that to take the picture, “turn it like this and push the button!”

Lovelyn and Katilyn. Look at that protective big sister :)

Tonight is a FREE WYCLEF JEAN Concert! It’s a 5 minute walk from my house to the concert, on the lawn of the Presidential Palace, the Champ de Mars. For those of you in other generations who don’t know the ‘Clef, he’s Haiti’s most popular musician, and has been really well-known in the States for years now as well. I can already hear the festivities rolling. I can’t wait!! I’m not used to this much social life! (Last weekend, I bookwormed the entire weekend.) Last night, I got invited out to dinner with a whole posse of the equivalent of the French Peace Corps. (Even after 15 months living in France, I hadn’t realized this existed!) But my neighbor is their country director for Haiti, so it means lots of young Frenchies come trooping in and out of here, which I love.

OK, I’m back from Wyclef, and went to an American friend’s Christmas party afterwards, then scored myself an invite to somebody’s cousin’s BAPTISM tomorrow! I love family celebrations. Fortunately (since it’s now 2:30am) I don’t have to wake up early for the church part, but get to go afterwards for the food and drink and drink and food part. Perfect!!

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Bizarro Pizarro said...

awesome pictures kate! nice futbol shorts too. any futbol in haiti? where are the dreadlocks though?